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ExLight 64bit, Build 171121, based on Debian Buster/Sid with Enlightenment 0.22 (latest, installed from source) and Refracta tools

NEWS 171121 ABOUT ExLight
I’ve made a new extra version of ExLight today based on Debian Buster/Sid. The “old” version from 171112 is based on Ubuntu 17.10 (alias Artful Aardvark) and Debian Buster/Stretch. Furthermore version 171112 uses Enlightenment 0.20 installed from Ubuntu’s repositories. Build 171121 of ExLight uses Enlightenment 0.22 installed by me from source.

Almost unique
Enlightenment 0.22 was released 171102. Only two (!) Linux distributions in the whole wide world (besides ExLight) uses Enlightenment 0.22 as Desktop environment.

I have kept the old version (171112) on SourceForge.net server since that version of ExLight can be considered more stable being based (mostly) on Ubuntu 17.10.

Installed packages
To be able to install Enlightenment from source I had to install a lot of extra packages. The ISO file has therefore increased from 1210 MB to 1560 MB. Study all installed packages in ExLight Build 171121.

VirtualBox and VMware
ExLight Build 171121 runs very well in VirtualBox and VMware. Maybe you’ll have to use boot alternative 3 (nomodeset).

Using the Nvidia proprietary driver
If you want (and can) use Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver 384.98 you shall boot up ExLight using boot alternative 3 (Nomodeset). Then open up a terminal and run sudo nvidia-xconfig. Log out. If you can’t reach X/Enlightenment then your card isn’t supported. Delete xorg.conf with sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf and run the command startx. Or reboot your computer.

On certain computers you can’t login to Enlightenment 0.22. I don’t know why. If that is the case for you you’ll have to settle for Fluxbox. (Not a bad choice btw). When logged in as user or root (password live respectively root) the Fluxbox Desktop will look like this.

1. The Enlightenment 0.22 Desktop
2. The Login Screen – LightDM. Choose between Enlightenment and Fluxbox
3. Running in VirtualBox
4. Running in VMware
5. Refracta Installer running in Expert mode
6. Refracta Snapshot running
7. Showing how to change locales
8. Logged in to Fluxbox

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